It's a jungle out there (iJOT).

Change is the only constant in today's business environment.

"It is not the strongest of species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change."

- Charles Darwin, Naturalist, and Geologist

In today's business environment, the capacity for ongoing change is becoming a prerequisite for success. But, there's no single recipe to follow when it comes to transformation.

To achieve a transformational improvement, companies need to raise their ambitions, develop different skills, challenge existing mindsets, and commit fully to execution. Successful transformation programs establish thorough, persistent, and focused implementations. These implementations should include rigorous innovation, speed, customer-centricity, stage-gate process, line-owned initiatives, and a relentless cadence to ensure rapid value creation, delivery, and capture.


 And any change will require a compelling narrative (story) that must engage with its audience to sustain from inception through scale and institutionalizing of the change.

right story
Rapidly prototype solutions 
Scale up successful initiatives
Lead and sustain change
“A pile of rocks ceases to be a rock pile when somebody contemplates it with the idea of a cathedral in mind.”- Antoine Saint-Exupery
What is your story?
In today's world, converging on the right narrative or story to connect with people during business transformation is critical to success. Business transformation with innovation and speed, while being customer-centric and value-focused, is now a business imperative. No matter who you are - business executive or startup founder - your right narrative or story can be found in the answer to this fundamental question:
Where is the source of your value to your customers, shareholders, enterprise, or employees?



Across virtually all industries, unprecedented disruption and market turbulence—due to globalization, technological innovation, changing regulations, and other factors—are challenging established business models and practices, and requiring organizations to launch more frequent transformations in response. 

Profound changes to the company strategy, business model, organization, culture, people, and processes—aimed at achieving sustainable performance improvement are being undertaken. Digital transformation is among top priorities for CEOs around the world, but a fundamental question remains: How do we bring strategy and execution closer, innovate at speed, while we stay customer-centric and value focused. Lasting transformations hinge on capabilities. Identifying and developing the requisite capabilities can mean the difference between a successful, sustained transformation and a short-term effort whose results quickly fade - mostly due to lack of optimum people engagement using the right narratives.

Converge on the right story and engage people in compelling ways to change your  world. Stories that will connect at an emotional and personal level of your audience to make deep impact with their hearts and minds. Right stories told right can transform global businesses - and they can transform with a simpler strategy process and execution that is faster that put them at the forefront of innovation. Call to action - make your stories matter with timely, value-maximizing decisions and execution that delivers results.

In such turbulent business environment, leading companies seek iterative and collaborative approach to strategy and execution in a co-creation exercise that we call "Co-SPIN" - i.e., (Co)creation done with (SP)eed and (IN)novation. Let us "iJOT" it together with "Co-SPIN."




Business transformation is at the core of what we do for our clients. With digital reshaping every aspect of the modern enterprise, we help our clients find the sweet spot for strategy and execution with innovation and speed. iJOT Productions will partner with businesses in media & entertainment, telecom, financial services, and healthcare industries, both incumbents and startups, to build the capabilities that will enable them to achieve sustainable competitive advantage in their industry. We believe that the most effective way to bring value for our clients is by partnering with them, Our engagements with our clients give us the opportunity to transform, not only their mindsets, but their offerings, business models, operations, and performance that shape their agenda, and enable meaningful and lasting impact to their business.  Our collaborative partnership and a holistic solution will drive a shift in problem-solving culture that incorporates innovation and speed, with customer-centricity and value focus by adopting appropriate proven best-practice mindsets.


Let us "iJOT" it together with "Co-SPIN."


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