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Whether you are an executive assigned to a new venture within an existing organization or a start-up entrepreneur, depending on your starting position we will help you leverage your strengths and overcome obstacles to design your optimum value proposition. We will help you put together the customer profile with your customer understanding, put together a value map that describes how you intend to create value for that customer, and achieve fit between the two while balancing it with a high level business model. 


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We use a proprietary problem-solving and team building exercise that we call Co-SPIN to facilitate transformation for our clients. It is inspired by the “Accelerated Solutions Environment (ASE)” at Gemini Consulting from the early 1990’s and evolved to its present form to deliver innovative solutions, cohesive teaming, accelerated execution, customer -centricity and business value. Co-SPIN stands for co-creation with speed and innovation. “Right story. Told right. Together.” It is a collaborative co-creation exercise done iteratively where strategies are broken into smaller chunks for focused innovation around the customer needs with value focus, alongside execution that is optimized for speed. This exercise would regularly engage the senior leaders to address most pressing strategic issues to develop an appropriate response while executing on innovative solutions.

Through out the various stages of this exercise, storytelling craft is used to not only engage the participants, but emotionally connect and earn commitment towards high-performance.  A startup mindset is adopted to have a cohesive team spirit that is customer centric, insurgent and biased towards action. Agile principles are incorporated to address the innovation and speed. Design thinking ensures keeping the solutions derived, brimming with customer-centricity through a clear understanding of the customer experience journey.


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