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A revolution is brewing within every industry, driven by shifting consumer behaviors, disruptive technologies, globalization, convergence, and innovative processes, business models & offerings. Companies in every sector have to be bold and disrupt, or they will become extinct. Such changes in the industry are driving companies to take on mergers & acquisitions to build capabilities they might lack or initiate major transformations. Traditional offerings are facing ramp-down, while new revenue streams are getting the ramp-up. Convergence, value chain deconstruction, and digital solutions are driving business model innovation.  They cannot ignore new opportunities for value creation, improving operational efficiency, and strengthening their brand perception. All hands have to be on deck, re-imagining the offerings and rethinking the entire value-chain. A complete overhaul of how you think, plan, operate and define success in all aspects of your business can strengthen your brand, grow market share, increase revenue and reduce costs.

Major forces of digital disruption prompted by innovative ways of digital enagagement


  • Accelerated demand for more and more of:

    • Personalization​

    • Convenience

    • Speed

    • Transparency

  • "Give me everything, everywhere, at anytime, and seamlessly on every device."​

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Digital impacts every aspect of the enterprise.

It is critical to find two or three areas among the six areas discussed below, where you should have advantage against your competition. Four fundamentals are an imperative in all six areas of your business:

Fundamental Imperatives

Decision-making: Ensure that your incorporate use of big-data and advanced analytics into decision-making across the enterprise.

Connectivity: In today's world it is absolutely inevitable that you be connected to your customers, colleagues and suppliers.

Innovation and speed: Business today will have to not only innovate on their products, business models. and operating models, but they will also have to deploy their innovative ideas at warp speed.

Automation: Always consider replacing manual and laborious activities as costs that have to be replaced with automated ways and innovative use of date that was not accessible earlier.


Business areas where advantage can be had against competition

Customer experience: Deliver on seamless multi-channel customer experience. In addition, extend that with when-ever, where-ever propositions.

Product and service innovation: Go to market with new and significantly enhanced digital products and services. Consider co-creation of your new products with your customer.

Marketing, sales and distribution: Augment your transitional channels with digital ones. Increase your return on investment with digital marketing.

Digital fulfillment: Consider full straight-through processing and automated provisioning. Digital also opens the door to virtual servicing and administration.

Risk optimization: Improve how you target your customers through customer insights through digital means. Also make sure that automated controls and risk profiling are embedded.

Enhanced corporate controls: Enhance decision making with improved and real-time information systems. Incorporate seamless integration with third-party providers.

Stages of a typical digital transformation


  • Opportunistic

  • Allows for quick-wins

  • Project by project basis

  • Pilots and gradual deployment

  • Long-term planning

  • Limits innovation outside of the core function

  • Creates silo-thinking leading to fragmented customer experience


  • Centralized

  • Clear, long-term vision and ambition

  • Cross-functional teams

  • Flexible and agile execution

  • Builds tools, processes and talent at scale

  • Delivers end-to-end customer experience

  • Requires a strong mandate for change

  • Requires strong digital leaders


  • Digital Activism 

  • Clear ambition for digital business model

  • Ensures a cohesive digital strategy at the enterprise level

  • CEO is commuted to lead  digital efforts

  • Requires great resources in every unit that deeply comprehend digital

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