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Make profound connection with the audience by using appropriate theme music

Theme is considered to be the emotional meaning of the story. The movies’ thematic elements should connect to the audiences very soul; they should feel the themes, not just think about them. Theme is much more than the moral of the story, an intellectual premise, or a central idea. It is organic and dynamic arising from the emotional, psychological and spiritual life of a story.

When executed well, the theme music in a movie only enhances that agenda of the theme even further. It helps set the tone for the movie. In some cases, if you ever heard that music again later, it could grab you by the throat and make you recall the movie in your mind’s eye over and over again years after you watched the movie. Talk about emotional connection with the audience.

Who can forget the theme music of the movie Jaws – directed by Steven Spielberg.

Even if you’ve never seen the movie Jaws, you’ve undoubtedly heard its theme. It’s instantly recognizable and easy to hum along to. But what makes the Jaws theme so great is that it embodied the character so well and became intrinsically attached to it. Whenever the shark appeared, so did the theme. And so it became ingrained in the audiences’ head that the shark brought along with it this tense and anxious music. With his signature use of a strong brass section leading the way, accented by the sweeping sounds of strings, John Williams firmly implanted a piece of music inside of our heads.

That is the genius of John Williams work.

Jaws is also significant as the second collaboration between director Steven Spielberg and Williams that cemented their relationship. It proved to be a friendship that is as enduring as it is fruitful for both parties involved.

John Williams been nominated a staggering 45 times for an Academy Award. And he’s taken home the Oscar on five of those occasions. His film scores are recognized worldwide and attached to some of the biggest blockbusters of all time, largely thanks to his relationship with director Steven Spielberg.

Do not underestimate the value of the theme music for your movie, in making the emotional connection with your audiences.

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