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Make your story resonate with your audience

Stories are what make us human beings interesting. The stories are what will make us matter, long after we are gone. The compelling nature of the stories we tell is agnostic to what the story is about. Most of us have been story-tellers in some way or the other most of the time. Many have knowingly or unknowingly mastered the craft of story-telling. So how can we make a story compelling? We have many fundamental rules that make our story compelling:

Make your story interesting

That is probably obvious, right? Not really. You would be surprised how often we hear real boring stories out in the real world. Slapping together beats in thoughtless sequence of how it may have happened can be really boring. But, to make your audience care, the storytelling craft has many tricks that can be incorporated. The more you tell stories optimally using the craft and experience the response of your audience, you sharpen your storytelling skills further. Basically, make your audience care about your story. So tell it in ways that will make the story profoundly engaging. Provoke the audience, make them think and immerse themselves into the story. Use subtext to help them connect with the thematic-line of the story. Yes paying close attention to the craft of storytelling does payoff every-time.

Authenticity in storytelling is critical

We all can acknowledge with honesty that we are not perfect. We always strive towards perfection, but we are far too vulnerable to making mistakes. "To err is human," we are told. We are also told that we should learn from mistakes to inch closer towards perfection. But, then when we hear a story with a character in it that is perfect in everything - the audience will sense the fake portrayal that will seem contrived. Yet when you tell the story by exposing the real vulnerabilities of the character, the audience is drawn in. They are able to relate to the character better and so are able to believe your story. It not just the characters that need to be authentic - the story-world, plot, dialogues, scenes, etc. - all the elements of the story will have to be truthful in its portrayal and believable. Honesty in storytelling will make your story compelling,

Make the story be about the transformation

Transformation is the root of all good stories. The realistic transformation of the protagonist in your story will grab the audience and draw them in. We have all been through experiences where we grow and change through our life's trials and tribulations. The narrative strategy you adopt in how you tell about the transformation to your audience will make the story more compelling. Tell them about the point of departure or the current state of affairs for the protagonist. Then as you selectively sequence the transition from an inciting incident through to a climax, we help the audience come along the with us on a transformation journey that will reward them at the point of arrival in the end.

So when we tell our stories, we should strive to make it matter. Move the needle for our audiences in their hearts and minds. That will be when your story resonates and you know that you have told a great story.

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